creatR Free (iAd supported)

4.0 ( 1630 ratings )
Spil Uddannelse Simulering
Forfatter: Keith Miller

This free version of creatR is iAd supported. Buy the full version to get rid of the ads, to save your creations, zoom and pan with infinite space, get a new cool rivet joint, and more intuitive gesture editing. Its just $2.99.

creatR Free is a powerful 2D physics simulator for iPad. Using its easy-to-learn interface, even those with no physics background will be making complex simulations in no time. With simple tools, you can make just about anything.

-Motorized and Non-Motorized Pins
-Rod joint
-Rectangles and Circles
-Static and Dynamic Shapes
-Easily set attributes such as Mass and Friction
-Choose if you want your simulation accurate, fast, or somewhere in between
-Uses the full-featured Chipmunk Physics, the same engine used in other acclaimed iOS games